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For an investment of less than $3000, Dawn analyzed $3.4M in cost proposals from our clinical data management and statistical services provider. She identified areas where effort spent on our previous clinical trials could be leveraged for cost efficiencies.  Dawn’s analysis was instrumental in our company having a meaningful conversation with our service provider.

---- Chief Operations Officer, Specialty Clinical CRO

Dawn consistently makes an outstanding contribution to our team while functioning as our in house data science team. As such she has become our “go to” resource for data science. On many occasions she has saved us from significant issues by spotting weaknesses and errors made by our contract data science/biostatistical vendor. Through her knowledge of SAS programing and biometrics Dawn has not only helped us maintain timelines but, most importantly, has ensured the integrity of our data. Dawn has worked to build a seamless conduit between ourselves and our vendors, is flexible, collaborative and all round great to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to any company in need of additional data science leadership but particularly to smaller companies such as ourselves without in house capabilities.

Alistair Wheeler MD MFPM
Chief Medical Officer

Spyryx Biosciences