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How EDC Can Help

A successful clinical development program is not unlike staging a successful Broadway play.  Multiple stakeholders are involved. Numerous props have to be in the right place at the right time for the actors to use.  The director must coach the cast to work seamlessly together.  The producer has to manage the budget. A risk mitigation plan must be developed in the event the star of the show cannot perform. Lighting must be just right. Through it all, expectations must be carefully managed and communication clear lest what was a well-crafted drama becomes a comedy of errors. 

Dawn Edgerton leverages her 19 years of experience in research computing and CRO management to set the stage for successful clinical development programs.

Edgerton Data Consulting, LLC works with small to mid-size companies that do not have a full-time staff and infrastructure dedicated to clinical development programs or that want to enhance their current capability, competency and effectiveness.

Whether you are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or a medical device company, Edgerton Data Consulting can partner with you to ensure that your clinical development programs and organizational resources are aligned and staged for success.